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It was an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in New York City.

It didn’t feel special.

Except, it felt special to me.

I was about to interview one of the greatest designers working in the world – Debbie Millman.

I was about to discover “secrets” behind the fountain of abundant creative energy, that fuels Debbie’s life and work.

I was about to discover healthy routines, healthy habits, healthy practices, that Debbie uses to stay physically and mentally fit for life of meaningful work, life well lived.


“I’d probably be the least “healthy” person you will interview”, Debbie warned me, before we started.

Debbie definitely doesn’t consider herself a health standard, meaning someone, who consciously practices healthy habits to the best of her abilities. With which, after our conversation and digging deeper into what Debbie’s healthy eating, healthy living routines are, I politely disagree. If everyone did what Debbie does, we’d definitely have no diabesity and degenerative diseases’ epidemic.



What you’ll learn:

One healthy habit Debbie could win an Olympic medal for

What Debbie’s least healthiest habits were and why she traveled to Tuscany with 10 of 12 oz cans of Diet Dr. Pepper

What Debbie’s favorite healthy foods to eat daily are

What Debbie eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner

What Debbie’s favorite exercises are to always be in good shape mentally and physically, prepared to handle anything life has in store for her

Stress management techniques from someone, who went through a lot of stress and trauma in life

What one healthy habit I’m borrowing from Debbie to get more energy to fuel life lived well and meaningful work

Debbie’s favorite advice to you to improve your life, health, work and impact



Where to connect with Debbie Millman:


Podcast Design Matters




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