Health Practice of The Greatest Minds

On a mission to inspire and guide world health transformation.

On a mission to transform health crises into health abundance.

With this mission in mind I’ll be interviewing entrepreneurs, leaders, creators, artists, change makers from around the world dedicated to solving world challenges and making the world a better place.

Together we’ll be discovering the secrets, the foundation of their amazing, overflowing, inspiring and motivating energy, that drives their mission, their bold actions, people around them, energy, that makes the world go round.


I’m more than excited to have as my first guest of the show Tom Bilyeu!

Who you might not, especially fitness folks and gym goers, for Quest Nutrition products – healthy protein bars, snacks and healthy delicious meals, protein packed chips, protein powders and so much more. Quest Nutrition is a company on a mission to make good food tastes as good as it is good for you, to make healthy eating fun!

On a mission to end metabolic disease and show people that food can be good for you and still tastes good.

Tom’s (and his wife Lisa’s) recent creation, that I love even more – Impact Theory – is on a mission to free people from The Matrix, aid another way, “we want to end the poverty of poor mindset.”

“We want to build things directly, and help others build things that solve what we believe to be the world’s biggest challenges.”

 Tom is a living breathing example of true life successmission driven career/calling enterprise, family, impact and service, that change people’s lives. And most importantly, besides having all that, he is not some burned out hyperactive constantly on caffeine without sleep entrepreneur – he is extremely healthy and fit (that was not the case his whole life at all), he is full of energy and natural high. Tom practices mindful living and uses every bit of knowledg and every opportunity to enhance his brain capabilities, becoming the best Tom he can possibly be!

And he is just a joy to talk to!

 Tune in and you’ll learn:

  • When Tom goes to bed and wakes up
  • What Tom eats and doesn’t eat and why
  • Tom’s favorite foods, meats and meals, Tom’s ketogenic days and ketogenic obsession
  • How to feel no hunger
  • What makes Tom the fattest the fastest
  • What Tom’s second passion, besides health, is
  • What one thing Tom definitely does NOT want you to eat
  • How Tom works out and when
  • What Tom’s favorite cardio is and why - “low-grade suffering”
  • How and why Tom meditates and other brain/life enhancing mindful practices (Like “thinkatating”, guess what that is and how Tom uses it to solve his biggest business challenges)
  • What Tom’s favorite meditation app is
  • What Tom reads and Tom’s favorite “hack” to read more
  • The book Tom is reading right now and his to-read book list for everyone
  • And so much more…

 Success doesn’t just happen. And it’s not all about business strategy.

Practice Health.


 My favorite quotes:

“healthy living doesn’t have to be about sacrifice”

“we want to put an end to generation of poverty”

“my whole life is governed by habits and routines…left to my own devices I’m extremely lazy”

“inside all of my discipline is a very lazy person”

“cutting out sugar, cutting out carbs was utterly transformative…the weight would just fall off”


Connect with Tom on Twitter, Instagram

Quest Nutrition

Impact Theory

 Enjoy the show!

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